Our Story : Part 1

Established long long ago in 2011 (ok, it's like forever in tech terms) we started our journey of discovery. With ideas bursting at the seams we forged ahead in app development. We created 2 line of business apps. Mobi.Jobcard and Mobi.Timekeeper. Mobi Jobcard solving a small business work order problem that was keeping track of your work order status, parts and time management. That's when Mobi Timekeeper was born. We recognised a demand for time keeping / management apps and created an app that solved those problems.

Our Story : Part 2

Having come from a web background the path we took gave us many a challenge. We had a steep learning curve with touch based interaction and new functions such as screen size and rotation we forged ahead and created our apps. Mobi Jobcard was released as part of the first rollout of windows store and won a design award. This gave us renewed motivation to make it better, faster and stronger. However the tech was still in its infancy and most of our ideas were not feasable at the time due to the lack of features on the platform.

Our Story : Part 3

We then decided to let the app mature in the marketplace and it received quite a following but over time as the tech changed its features were becoming archaic. Time for an upgrade. We started on the version 2 of the app and threw in all the new features that we could think of thus creating a monster. Only from standing back and looking at the whole picture we realised we were encrouching on a full desktop business application and not a feature full mobile app. Stripping away the fluff we came back to a well rounded app and have since embarked on web services to add the fluff.

Our Story : Part 4

Being Microsoft focused we had only played around the edges of iOS and Android development. Not wanting to over extend our time in upskilling for development on those platforms we shelved those ideas. Enter stage right Xamarin, which has enabled us to develop for multiple platforms using one coding language, C#. We have not looked back. Creating encapsulating user experiences on all the major platforms.

(ps not really the end but just the beginning.)

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Why Us

APP Magic

Having a skill set that goes from Database design, Web Applications, Web Sites, Web Services, Connected Apps and Stand Alone apps we are confident that we can solve most software problems.

We endevour to create software that not only solves a need but solves it for the future.

Contact us now to discuss your needs. Perhaps we can solve it for you.

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Web Design

We provide services to create a web solution from simple static one page seo optimized websites to full content management e-commerce solutions.

App Development

We can provide app development services to design and create app solutions for all major platforms. Windows, iOS and Android.


We have recently embarked on an in-house project designing an app which communicates and controls a portable IOT device. This has opened up many possibilities in this arena. Give use a call to discuss your IOT idea.

Game Development

Game development has always been something we wanted to branch into however skill sets and development platforms were hard to find. We now have the skills to crerate cool 2D games for mobile devices. Contact us with your 2D game idea and lets see what maghic we can create.

More Services

What we do

We offer a range of services from concept to high quality software solutions.


We offer quality hosting as part of our service package.

Hardware Support

We can help with obtaining and installing a range of hardware solutions including wireless networking, networks and mobile.

Server Support

We can assist with all server software solutions for Windows Server platforms. Software included but not limited to are SQL Server, Exchange Server, IIS Web Server, Storage and backups and Sharepoint.

SEO and Social Media

We can help with SEO on your website as well as guide you in developing a social media presence.

Work process

How we work

The following is a proces we follow however we do adapt according to the project and its owners.

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User Experience

The user experience is foremost on the list as the users of your software need to feel comfortable using it. It needs to be intuitive and must flow with seamless navigation.


Themes and Colours

We work with your branding identity to generate a familiar theme throughout your software



The UI needs to be viewable on most devices available to the user. Our design process includes the responsive element.

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Information storage

We design a flexible data solution to suite your needs.


Data Access

We design administrative web applications for you to view and modify all youre sites data. We offer custom solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Our app development process is quite fluid however the baseline process will be:

  • concept design
  • feature design
  • platform specific features
  • data access
  • device provisioning
  • testing
  • rollout


Skills and Technology

We have a wide range of skills we can offer depending on your requirements.

Coding Languages

We currently use 10 coding languages throughout our projects.

Completed Projects

We have happily completed 163 projects since our inception and will not doubt make that a much greater number.


Currently 95% of out projects are written in .Net

IOT Growth

IOT is growing at a rate of 21% p/a

Web development
App development
Game Development
Data Base Solutions

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